Global Working is committed to always providing a service adjusted to the high expectations of our clients, ensuring that our candidates, training services and professional services satisfy the trust placed by clients in our organization.

For this, Global Working establishes the need to:

  • Have a management system that meets the demands of customers.
  • Top management leadership to guide the present and future of the organization.
  • Maintain permanent, transparent and fluid communication with clients at all levels, under our commitments of flexibility, speed, precision and availability.
  • Maintain mutually beneficial relationships with clients, to ensure the current competitiveness and profitability and future growth of the organization.
  • Guarantee a professional, confidential and objective service to candidates, offering opportunities for professional development and helping them to integrate effectively into the business structure of our clients.
  • Provide society with sustainable and long-lasting employment and training alternatives.
  • Motivate, involve and compensate all the professionals in the organization for their contribution.
  • Remunerate the partners of the organization for the trust, effort and resources contributed.
  • Have a continuous improvement system, which allows the organization to progress from learning current performance.
  • Comply with all legal, labor and regulatory requirements applicable to the organization.